A properly restored, classic automobile is a feast for the senses. The lustrous glow of hand-buffed finishes, gleaming chrome detailing, the hum of finely tuned machinery, the rich blend of fragrances... oiled leather and waxed hardwoods, a symphony of perfection inspiring a rare exhilaration.
From the earliest models, fine automobiles have been the result of a marriage of skills, engineering, metal and leather-working... even sculpture and painting. Restoration to their original state requires re-application of workmanship by skilled craftsmen, at their ultimate level of excellence. That's what makes White Post Restorations the best choice for your automobile restorations ... especially those demanding projects. Cars are meticulously cared for and restored with the utmost professionalism.
Now in its fourth generation of family ownership, White Post Restorations has been satisfying discriminating clients for over 70 years. Automobiles arrive at White Post Restorations from all over the world; from money moguls and movie stars, diplomats and dignitaries ... to "the guy next door."

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