W.R. Thompson, III

Classic History in the Remaking
Our Process and our Product stand behind our Guarantee of Satisfaction.
Automobiles arrive at White Post Restorations from all over the world. They are meticulously cared for and restored with the utmost professionalism. Whether they leave to become national show winners or handsome motorcars for driving pleasure, every classic car is restored with the quality and care for which White Post Restorations is famous.

  • Services: White Post Restorations offers frame-up restorations, which requires the car to be completely disassembled and rebuilt to original specifications.

  • Estimates: There is no true basis for accurate cost prediction. Many of the more interesting restoration challenges for a specific car are revealed in the rebuilding.

  • Restoration Agreement - Restoration on a classic antique car begins after both parties sign White Post's Restoration Agreement. The Agreement details the work to be done, including points of preference by the owner (i.e. color, upholstery, whether the automobile is to be restored for driving or for show purposes). The Agreement stipulates The terms of payment. It also describes the Warranty for the work to be performed.