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We have restored over 1,000 cars since we have been in business.

"I feel a little sadness when I finish a restoration job, and I notice that the cars' owners often feel it, too.  We have the finished car we wanted, but an interesting and enjoyable experience--the process of getting to that stage--is over."  We hear those feelings expressed time and again by restoration technicians at White Post Restorations, and we know why.

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Simply put, top quality restoration work is only possible when the restorer cares deeply about his work.   And although people outside of the car restoration community might never understand, anyone who has ever loved an old car knows that the work truly does have meaning.

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At White Post Restorations, our success, measured in happy customers and beautiful cars, is the result of selecting people who care about their craft, providing them with every conceivable resource, and establishing Showroom Condition as our benchmark.  Every day, this approach translates into the precise and beautiful components and forms of classic automobiles.

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We perform all aspects of car restoration.  As you consider your options for restoration services, please keep us in mind.  Our consistently high quality, and unusually high number of repeat customers is an indication of our expertise, trustworthiness and value.  Give us a call:  we never tire of talking with car owners about their vehicles, their challenges and their dreams.

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